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“I’ve always been a firm believer in paying people who have already done what I want to do, and have them teach me how to do it in a much faster timeline than what they did. It’s worked time and time again, and it always pays dividends.
Eric truly cares for our success, our businesses, our life and our investing journey together. Earlier this week, he shared a deal that was really intriguing; I’ve never seen an opportunity like this before.”

Daniel Lindsey

I was grinding 70 hours a week…

Eric Francom

Just 5 years ago, I was throwing up every morning before heading to my dental practice. I was ridden with stress and anxiety about the work, the rising debt, and my relationships. My marriage was suffering. I barely saw my kids. I was overwhelmed, exhausted and felt completely defeated. This was definitely not what I signed up for when I went to dental school. Maybe you are asking yourself the same questions I asked myself:

I was suddenly faced with some fundamental questions
  • How long do I have to burn the candles at both ends?
  • How much do I need to retire and still provide? Is there a better way?

This is what I did

There was a better way!

I built and scaled my businesses to be profitable. Discovered hidden ways to multiply revenue with my practices. Found the secrets to producing cash flow.

In just two years

  • I sold my 4 practices for a seven-figure exit
  • Strategically invested, making up to 10x the returns
  • Quadrupled my net worth in only 2 years
  • Grew perpetual wealth
Dr. Eric Francom

I learned a valuable lesson

Freedom makes you much more money

I was finally able to do the things I wanted to do. I had the time to spend with my wife and three children. And, I found myself again. I am able to enjoy life freely and have joy again.

Eric - Lifestyle

What I want to achieve now

I want to share everything I have learned about passive income so I can show you how to discover freedom in your life, too.

I know how important it is for you, your family, and your future.

Tom Brady

The Tom Brady Paradigm

When Tom wanted to turn pro, nobody wanted him. They thought he could not throw or catch, and that he did not have what it takes. He persevered and showed that he had what it takes, barely making it into the team. He went on to be the greatest NFL player of all time.

My take

You never get what you deserve.
You get what you believe you deserve.
I created the Infinite Freedom Mastermind because I believe that anyone can learn the Passive Income Mindset, earn more by doing less and enjoy more time with friends and family.
Infinite Freedom Mastermind

Join the Infinite Freedom Mastermind and I will show you how you can

  • Scale your business
  • Sell and exit
  • Invest with minimal risk and great returns
  • Multiply your net worth by 4x or more
  • Produce the infinite wealth and the infinite freedom you want in your life

Determine if the Infinite Freedom Mastermind and/or the Infinite Freedom 1:1 Coaching is right for you.

“Eric has a unique way of finding deals that are way different than what you’re ever going to be able to find on your own; it’s outside of the box. He does a lot of research and we feel very comfortable with his knowledge. These are exciting deals that are going to return a lot, not only immediately with cash flow, but in the long run with doubling, tripling and quadrupling our money. Signing up with Eric was a phenomenal decision.”

Wendie Pett and Todd Isberner

Work 1:1 with me to map out your journey to freedom

You will fast-track your passive income portfolio through:
  • Customized onboarding
  • Exclusive, real-time deal opportunities
  • Access to my Rolodex
  • On-demand text and email access to me
  • PLUS the Mastermind
Eric Francom
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Infinite Freedom will always be your best option for living the life you really want.